Monday, September 21, 2009

I used to work for Die Cuts

On our first day of church here in our new Branch, Amber (She's a Third Year Wife) handed out chocolate popcorn to the Gospel Doctrine class (she's the teacher). It was amazing. I can't rave about it enough. Sometimes I even dream about it. Turns out she makes it, and sells it every week at the Strip District.

The Strip District is a place where every Saturday morning you can go and buy stuff. Think a weekly outdoor craft fair, only cooler. But there's produce stands too. I guess it's pretty much an outdoor market. I've never been, but I looked it up online and I can't wait to go! (And now that I have my GPS, I CAN go!) Basically, I think Annie would love it. Some of The Wives share a booth, and sell the things they make.

I am not very crafty. YET. But I have the potential! And by that I don't mean I have some innate craftiness waiting to get out. I just have an extremely large amount of craft supplies. I used to work for DCWV, in Provo. It's a scrapbooking company, and the letters stand for Die Cuts With a View. They also own Pressed Petals. When I worked in the warehouse and shipping department, they collected all the damaged stuff. Perfectly good paper packs, etc, with slightly torn labels and things like that. We rounded all the broken stuff up, and put it all in large boxes. Then they sold those boxes to the employees for like $10 each. I bought 6 or 7. Each one had over $300 worth of stuff in there! So yeah- I have about $2,000 worth of scrapbooking stuff, just chillen in my corner.

Kurt is studying at home tonight. After a few hours of trying to be quiet, I got bored and went shopping. As I wandered through TJ Max, I noticed some cute shoe boxes all decorated. And some recipe boxes. As I was checking this stuff out, I thought, "I could do this."

So that's my plan. I bought some Modge Podge and brushes, and some little cardboard boxes at Michaels. I'm gonna start experimenting tomorrow. And who knows? If I'm good at it, maybe I'll see if I can sell some down at the Strip District.

Oh! I just heard a loud groan of frustration from the other room. Kurt is studying like crazy for his Histology test. I saw an energy drink in the fridge, which mean he's pretty serious about this. And pretty exhausted. Poor guy studied until 12:30 last night, and then got up at 4am. He's been going all day. At least this test is tomorrow, so there is an end in sight. AND he did GREAT on his Micro Bio test today! I'm pretty proud.


Unknown said...

can I just say I love you. And you make everyone sound like polygamists, even though I know you are not. Ha! That chocolate popcorn you speak of? I've been making my own lately. I'll give you the recipe for your first child.

Helena said...

You are holding the recipe ransom, until I have a kid???

Amber said...

I Think that is a great idea Annie, trading the popcorn for her first child! Give her enough time and you know she will cave and give you the baby :)She is going to have some explaining to do! Kurt is NOT going to be happy...

But at least she will have the popcorn to show for it!

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