Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our little apartment

My apartment is pretty little. It has vaulted ceilings, and big rooms- but nowhere to put stuff. It's totally a Pittsburgh thing. People just don't do closets and cupboards and shelves here (which is weird...). Thank goodness Kurt is so into organization! Here are some little things he's done that have made ALL the difference.

We share this closet. And it's little. Those of you who have seen the amount of clothes I own (So how come I never have anything to wear?) know how crazy this is. But Kurt put in the top shelf. And his mom got me those hangers. LIFE SAVERS.

Here is our little laundry. I cannot complain- I LOVE having my own! But there was absolutely nowhere to put detergent and stuff. I had to keep it on top of the laundry machine, and move everything any time I wanted to do a load. Kurt put these shelves in for me. There is a deeper one on the other side for the detergent.

Every time I tried to get a pot or a lid out, everything would come crashing down! After listening to me cussing in the kitchen every time I went to make dinner, Kurt got these from Ikea. And we are gonna get more.

What inspired this post, you ask? Well, tonight I was out late with a couple of friends. We watched So You Think You Can Dance (And after a few hours of watching those jaw-dropping performances, I realized that No, no, I don't think that). I came home around 11 to find him hard at work again! His brain was fried from a long day of classes (8am-5pm). When he realized studying would be useless, he still wanted to be productive. Here he is, putting in our new spice racks! Which means I will be able to replace the spices with the dishes in the dish cabinet. YES!

And here: he built all of our Ikea furniture, and his desk, and everything. But this is what we got to put our food in. There just isn't space in our kitchen cupboards. We figure it looks nice, and no one needs to know. Well, no one needed to know. But now I've gone and told everybody...

I know this probably isn't the most entertaining post, but there's pictures. Which for some of you might be more fun than reading my long, un-illustrated rants. It's ok, I completely understand. Sometimes I'll find myself in the middle of a novel, wishing it was a picture book. I have a couple of really interesting posts planned: I just haven't gotten around to writing them yet. So STAY TUNED. You never know when I'm gonna write something so awesome, it will make you look at the world differently. Or maybe laugh a little.


Amber said...

I actually really enjoyed your post! I am absorbing any ideas I can for our new home (I also have an odd fascination with organizational ideas... I used to have a book when I was younger I would look through thinking "I can't wait until I have my own home and can put these awesome ideas in!"... I am not even kidding!)and you gave me some good ones to think about, I especially like the pot lid idea(I am totally going to steal it!)

mccall said...

i love how handy kurt is. tannon is this way, too and i LOVE it. ikea has the best things for making room for things in small places. i LOVE the idea of the lids to your pots. i may have to pick me up one of those.

p.s. who is annie?

Unknown said...

Good job on being miss Susie homemaker. They place looks awesome.

Helena said...

I'm glad you guys like it! But really, its all Kurt. I just make the brownies.

And Annie is my sister-in-law. She has an AWFUL temper.

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