Sunday, September 20, 2009

Me vs. Bio Chem

Kurt has 2 tests this week, and so our only plans for the weekend were him studying, and me not distracting him. We went out to eat on Friday, but that was gonna be it for fun. Saturday night he was studying on campus when I received this text, "Wanna pick me up early and go check out Mount Washington?" I was so excited- two dates in one weekend!! He just can't resist me: I win this one Bio Chem!

Some people think that there are no mountains in Pittsburgh. They are wrong. There are baby ones. And I wanted pictures. So while he was freaking out about being so close to the ledge, I was holding up my phone and saying, "Just one more! I didn't look cute in the last 6!"

Sidenote: Kurt can stand on the edge of a cliff, with the wind trying to push him off, and not even flinch. But he can't handle man made heights. Weird, huh?

The view up there was spectacular. There were fireworks (he says they weren't planned, but I don't know. You guys remember the dolphins). Pittsburgh is beautiful. especially at night, when you are too far away to see the slums and smell the cigarette smoke.

Later that night, we went to Wal Mart. It was so romantic! You think I'm kidding. But when we were looking at printer cartridges, he pulled me over to a different display and said, "Pick one." Then he bought me a GPS.

See? Romantic.


mccall said...

YESSSSS! I have to say that I am taking partial credit for the GPS purchase. I get mad @ Kurt every time I see him (a total of twice, ever :) That's totally romantic!

Layna said...

I know!! I'm so excited. I can visit people now.

Christy said...

Your plan worked! I am so happy for you and your GPS!

Helena said...

Christy! You aren't supposed to mention The Plan!

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