Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Job Hunting

I just filled out an online employment application for a craft store. And they made me do a Timed Assessment.

"A novel is to a chapter like organization is to a _______"

Corporation? Business? Department? It's been 7 years since I've answered a question like this!

I probably failed. The job will go to the 16 year old with no work experience, who's main goal in life is studying for the ACT.

I think I'd like working for a craft store. And I can bribe the other Wives into being my friends with my employee discounts and inside sale information.

I have applied at probably 30 places over the past few weeks, and not one of them has called me back. How would I know, you ask?

Because I cleared out my inbox!!!

That's right folks! I had to listen to messages from way back in May (And one from Lisa from a year ago, which I promptly re-saved), but it's empty.

My friend Nicole said it took her months to find a job here, and that seems pretty standard. I'll keep you guys posted on this exciting aspect of my life.

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