Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I get lost a lot

I've noticed that no matter where you go, there will always be standard questions. I don't mean, "whats you name?" or "where are you from?": I'm talking about questions specific to where you are.

when I went off to college, the standard question was, "whats you major?" Pretty non-threatening, unless you are one of the unfortunate few who has yet to choose a major, and is entering their third year of higher education, and even though you know you should choose, you are kind of liking the whole coasting-along-thing, and if someone asks you that question AGAIN you are just gonna choose something crazy like, "I want to be a gynecologist" or "modern dance is my passion" hoping to leave them speechless and stop the lecture you've heard a MILLION times... Ahem. Not that I'd know what THAT'S like.

Out here in my new city, the question is, "How do you like Pittsburgh?" I'm sure whenever you go to a new city, you get some variation of that. But this is MY blog, so we are gonna pretend like this is an interesting topic. I've been asked this question about 80 times in the past few weeks. well, at least 20. The first time I answered predictably. "It's nice. I like it." But that was kind of a conversation stopper. What can they say to that? Good, I'm glad you approve? The next time (about 5 minutes later. we were at a dental student picnic) I didn't want to sound lame. So I kind of awkwardly added, "but I get lost a lot."

It was a hit! They totally empathized, and it led to a funny, bonding conversation. So of course, the next time I was asked The Question I said the exact same thing. And it worked again. I was a star- a conversational success. I had the same conversation many times that night, and have repeated it every time someone asks me The Question. Does it get boring? Yes. but first impressions are important, and once we have that conversation we are practically guaranteed to be friends. Then we can move onto other, more interesting topics: like the weather, or how many of The Wives are pregnant (Most of them).

My answer is completely true. I DO get lost a lot. Kurt and I do evening run throughs whenever I'm gonna have to go somewhere new. He google maps it, and then we go for a test drive. Sometimes multiple test drives, until I am sure I can make it alone. even then I usually manage to get lost. If you've ever driven in Pittsburgh, you know what I'm talking about. the roads are crazy- the streets don't match up, there are super confusing intersections, and I swear stop signs keep popping up where there were none before. Case In Point: yesterday I was driving to Campus, and I totally blew through a stop sign that I KNOW was not there the day before. And the lanes! they are so narrow, I start whimpering every time a truck drives by.

Idea for a future Post: Top Ten Reasons Why We Need A GPS; and why her husband still says no

I want one of these.

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alibrough said...

Funny...when i first moved to LA people would always do the except they would say either "so you like the city" or they would say "so you sick of the city" and i would just say..."ya...its pretty intense" and they would go off for thirty minutes about where the best mexican food is or how gross the smog is or which side streets to take to avoid traffic. Ive lived here over 1 1/2 years and people still warn me about the 405 freeway. HA

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