Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here are all my Personal Favorites:

Top Two Baby Names

Or- The Great Baby Name Fight

My Birthday Wishlist

There are lots of pretty pictures. you do not want to miss this.

My boss is old.

And sometimes he forgets stuff...

The mushiest thing you will ever read.


Some of the very best internet links I've ever read.

you should probably check them all out.

Gosh I miss the 90's

Kidding. But I am super confused right now. Which is how I felt during that whole decade.

Going Green

The one with the professional photograph of my brothers.

A whole bunch of Awesome

Some of my favorite stuff on the internet.

My Little Hypochondriac

Good thing I didn't mention Aneurysms!

Stanky Legg

You know you're curious.

Gchatting and Facestalking

And my slight obsession with chainmail bras.

Grumpy Morning.

I could kill that alarm clock.

Valentines Day Tiles

I hate hiccups!

The are a few of my Favorite Things

A Wishlist of some of the prettiest things I have ever seen


my shopping spree is over.

My Plan

to boycott Oral Hygiene

Top Ten Favorites

My favorite posts of 2009

Funniest moment of my life.

Not even joking.

I promise we aren't related.

Really, we're not!

I am craving

Ginger Ale.

Who's the better neighbor now??

Yeah, that's what I thought.


Oh yes, I went there

Oh Crap.

Did that really just happen?

My Life Ambition

Kurt had no idea what he was getting himself into

Road Rage, Grandmas, and Nascar

That's my family!

Illegal workers

And a tempting offer

Yup, it's me

I'll admit it.

He's got Style

Well, if a black guy says it...

What Heaven must look like

My first trip to DC!

Where I decided that God probably isn't threatened by evolution

I am addicted

To oatmeal.

no animals were harmed in the making of this post ...ok, that's a lie.

I am so over

Brushing my teeth.

Are you stuffing your...


Self Check Outs

It's like they try to make them hard to use

A big post about a little thing

Cross Contamination!!!

Can I have your money?

I do not approve of beggars who have make more money than school teachers. Mostly because I'm jealous.

My very first camping trip

Where I almost got eaten by bats who wanted their poop back

Welcome Larry!

A new member of the family :)

Me vs. Bio Chem

Proof that I am irresistible.

Kurt and his Teddy Bear

I got home from a girls night to find my husband fast asleep, snuggling with a stuffed animal. Aww.

Job Hunting

It's a tough market

The Foam

A very accurate description of our first couch

"You are a good writer. But it's still a blog."

My husband didn't exactly approve

My Very First Post

This post pretty much explains my reasons for starting a blog.

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